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The Coffee Business: Maxx Coffee

Starbucks (Nasdaq:SBUX) has become a staple for big cities. It’s brand color green is already well known that people wouldn’t mind using a similar green to label their brand of coffee. Starbucks’ Indonesian competitor named Maxx Coffee uses a drawing of an owl in a green circle symbol as their corporate logo. At a glance, one could not help to think of Starbucks when seeing a Maxx Coffee logo. [Continue reading]

End of Year Security Brief

The National Police’s counter terrorism squad, Detachment 88, otherwise known as Densus 88, arrested six suspected terrorist over the weekend in West Java, Central Java and East Java. The group are reportedly affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The National Police (POLRI) Chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti told the press that the group had prepared a bomb attack for this upcoming end of the year holidays. [Continue reading]

F&B Business: Socieaty

Socieaty is a new restaurant located in the First Floor of the Plaza Indonesia shopping center in Central Jakarta. The restaurant was opened in September earlier this year. Socieaty offers all-day dining with a combination of Asian and European influence in their menu. The new restaurant adds to the plethora of other ventures catering to the upper- middle market of Jakarta. [Continue reading]

The Care for Education Community & their Sekolah Kolong Pelangi

Valentina Palma Sastrodihardjo is a Jakarta resident, who took it upon her to help the less fortunate kids pursue education. Valent once worked as a corporate secretary but she realized that that wasn’t what she wanted to do. So she resigned and began working as a computer teacher at Ricci Elementary School. She found joy in teaching kids and thus decided to pursue further education in teaching. [Continue reading]

Ahok & the Idea of Province-Owned, Alcoholic Beverages Retail Outlets

The implementation of the controversial Trade Minister Regulation on The Sales of Alcoholic Beverage has been in full force since April 16; three months after it was released in January 16, 2015. Jakarta Governor Basuki Tjahaja Purnama, otherwise known as “Ahok”, is now under fire after the revelation that the province government has been for long a major shareholder of the Indonesian brewery company PT Delta Djakarta Tbk (IDX: DLTA). Ahok’s response? Throwing an idea to establish a Jakarta-government-owned alcoholic beverages outlets. [Continue reading]

Online Prostitution and the Idea of Establishing A Red Light District

Online prostitution has once again become a topic of discussion upon the recent news of the murder of Deudeuh Avisah Rini. The 25 year old was found dead in her boarding house in Tebet, South Jakarta, on Saturday (April 11). She’s reportedly a sex worker, who offers her service through social media platforms. [Continue reading]

Revisiting Celebrity Fitness: Conversation with JJ Sweeney

Celebrity Fitness might appear to many Indonesians as a foreign fitness center brand, or an international fitness center chain. But that is actually not the case. Celebrity Fitness is a homegrown fitness center brand that first opened for business in Jakarta. [Continue reading]