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End of Year Security Brief

The National Police’s counter terrorism squad, Detachment 88, otherwise known as Densus 88, arrested six suspected terrorist over the weekend in West Java, Central Java and East Java. The group are reportedly affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS). The National Police (POLRI) Chief Gen. Badrodin Haiti told the press that the group had prepared a bomb attack for this upcoming end of the year holidays. [Continue reading]

Security Brief: Minor Explosion in Central Jakarta

A low explosion occurred at the Tanah Abang district, Central Jakarta, on Wednesday (April 8). The explosion occurred within close proximity to the Tanah Abang police station. The Indonesian National Police (POLRI) is currently investigating the blast. [Continue reading]

Government to Block More Hate Speech Websites

The presence of Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) sympathizers has alarmed the Indonesian authorities. There are worries that ISIS propaganda would spread and eventually spark terrorist activities. The worry is not unfounded. ISIS have been aggressively promoting their cause through the internet. This is exactly where the authorities are now focused on, the decision has been made. The Government now patrols the net and actively seek to block propaganda websites. [Continue reading]

Security Briefing: A Déjà Vu

More than 500 Indonesian citizens reportedly left to Syria to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). That said, on March 25, the Indonesian National Police (POLRI) confirmed that only 159 Indonesians had left to Syria for the cause. Eleven of them have returned to Indonesia and the authorities have arrested three. [Continue reading]

Security Briefing: Chep Hernawan, and the Return of Indonesian ISIS Fighters

Last Saturday (March 21), the head of the hard-line group Islamic Reform Movement (Garis) Chep Hernawan was arrested with the charge of committing fraud. Chep allegedly embezzled 150 million Rupiah in 2011. Prior to his arrest, Chep made a revelatory statement. He claimed that he’s the financier behind Indonesians joining the State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). But who is Chep Hernawan? [Continue reading]

A Wake Up Call for Education Minister

Last week, Indonesians were shocked by the revelation that several public school textbooks contain hardline religious teachings. We obtained a copy of “Pendidikan Agama Islam dan Budi Pekerti” and noticed the second paragraph of page 170 stating, “Yang boleh disembah hanyalah Allah SWT dan orang yang menyembah selain Allah Swt telah menjadi musyrik dan boleh dibunuh”, which in English means, “Only Allah SWT should be worshiped and those worshiping Allah SWT perform idolatry and can therefore be killed.” [Continue reading]

Environmental Group Filed A Pretrial Request Against West Java Police

The West Java branch of the Indonesian Forum for the Environment (Walhi) and the Bandung Legal Aid Foundation (LBH Bandung) filed a pretrial request against the West Java Police at the Bandung District Court on Friday (March 13). The pretrial request addresses the termination of investigation onto the galena illegal mining practice in Bogor reserved forest area. [Continue reading]