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Business Side of Hendropriyono

Abdulla Macmud Hendropriyono is a controversial figure in Indonesia. He’s known primarily for his military prowess, and his work as the chief of Indonesia’s State Intelligence Agency (BIN) under Megawati Soekarnoputri’s administration. But as with most retired Army generals, Hendropriyono became director/chairman in a number of private companies in Indonesia, including PT Mahagaya Perdana, PT. Carrefour Indonesia of Chairul Tanjung’s Trans Corp, and Blitzmegaplex of PT. Graha Layar Prima. In addition to that, the retired four-star general also has his own business empire called Hendropriyono Corporation. [continue reading]

Mystery of the Unknown Grave Part II

Earlier of this month, we published an article titled “The Mystery of Unknown Grave” in Kalibata Heroes Cemetery. Therein we wrote about burial mound 62 in the “Pahlawan 77” section with its upright stone marker bearing no identification of the person buried underneath. The “Pahlawan 77” section is the final resting place of those who died in the 1977 Seroja Operation in Dili, Timor-Leste. Out of the four unknown burial mound in that section, number 62 is the only one well-maintained.[continue reading]