9 Years on, Bali Bombing Memories Remain

The Jakarta Globe

Family and friends of about one hundred victims of the 2002 Bali bombings gathered in Denpasar on Wednesday to pay their respects on the ninth anniversary of the attacks.

The service, which was conducted in the garden of the Australian consulate, opened with the singing of the Australian and Indonesian national anthems.

“We gather here nine years on from 12 Oct. 2002 to remember the victims of the bombings, which affected so many innocent people from Indonesia, from Australia and from the near and far corners of the earth,” said Greg Moriarty, Australian ambassador for Indonesia.

“We gather to remember the families and loved ones of those who died and those whose lives were changed forever by the terrifying events of that day.”

The three bombs — two detonated in or near popular nightclubs and one set off outside the US consulate — left 202 dead and another 240 injured.

Wendy Grezl, the mother-in-law of victim John Juniardi, said she still lived with the painful memories.

“John Juniardi left two sons,” she said. “The bad memory remains forever. I come here every year to commemorate it.”

Elsewhere on the island, in Gianyar, an organization called Garppar distributed thousands of stickers bearing a message of anti-terrorism.

“Let us unite to prevent terrorism,” said Ngakan Made Rai, head of Garppar. “We have started this anti-terrorism campaign since three years ago.”

In Jakarta, the Indonesian Terrorism Bombing Victims Association (Askobi) also campaigned against violence at the Hotel Indonesia traffic circle.

“I once met terrorists,” Askobi member Tony Soemarno said. “I told them not to repeat their act, but they told me that they could not control it because there are many others who were ready to act.”


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