Court Rejects Antasari’s Request for New Testimony

The Jakarta Globe

During a bid for a case review of his 2010 murder conviction, former antigraft czar Antasari Azhar said he would need a number of witnesses, including prosecutors from his original trial, to be present during the review.

“The prosecutors who appear can be anyone who handled my case, including Cirus Sinaga,” Antasari said.

“We need to clarify whether all the evidence was presented during on the trial or not.”

Cirus is on trial for obstruction of justice and abuse of power that led to the acquittal of tax official Gayus Tambunan.

Cirus started Antasari’s October 2009 trial by stating that the motive for the murder of businessman Nasrudin Zulkarnaen was an affair between Antasari and Nasrudin’s wife, golf caddy Rani Juliana.

Nasrudin alledgedly caught the pair together in a hotel room.

But presiding judge Aminal Umam said the request could not be carried out because the witnesses could not be interrogated again after a case was closed.

Speaking at the South Jakarta District Court on Tuesday, Antasari also said he wanted hospital medical staff members, a forensic doctor and a former subordinate to testify for him.

“In order to present our new evidence, we need to have several witnesses, such as medical staff from Mayapada Hospital, a doctor from Gatot Subroto Hospital, the information analyst Ina Susanti from [the Corruption Eradication Commission] and also the prosecutors,” Antasari said.

“We need the court’s help to make them appear because it has the authority to do so.”

The medical workers at Mayapada Hospital were the first to treat Nasrudin shortly after he was gunned down by two men in Tangerang in March 2009.

He was later moved to Gatot Subroto Hopsital, where he died and the autopsy of his body was performed.

“We want the court to subpoena the medical workers from Mayapada Hospital who were on duty from noon to 6 p.m. on March 14, 2009, when Nasrudin arrived at the hospital. It is difficult for us to get them to reply to us on our own,” Antasari told the court.

“We need to know who received Nasrudin’s body, who took off his clothes and to whom the clothes were handed.”

Antasari said the presence of the doctor from Gatot Subroto Hospital was also important to his case because his lawyers needed more details on which medical procedures were performed on Nasrudin.

Moreover, Antasari also asked the court to present Ina Susanti, his former employee at the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), to present wire-tapped phone conversations related to the case.

Prosecutor Eri Yudianto said the case review request should be rejected because Antasari had failed to present new evidence as required by the law.

In an earlier hearing, Antasari’s lawyers claimed a case review was needed because they were in possession of several pieces of new evidence relating to Nasrudin’s car, the bullets from the shooting and text messages.

“We reject the new pieces of evidence. They are not new because they were examined previously,” the prosecutor said.

The case review is Antasari’s last chance to have his 18-year jail sentence overturned.

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