Gayus Stirs Up More Controversy With Behind-Bars Pregnancy Trick

The Jakarta Globe
Gayus Stirs Up More Controversy With Behind-Bars Pregnancy Trick

Indonesians are getting lessons in the intricacies of conjugal visits at the country’s prisons, after it was reported that the wife of high-profile graft convict Gayus Tambunan was pregnant.

Akbar Hadi, a spokesman for the Justice and Human Rights Ministry’s Directorate General of Corrections, said on Thursday that there were no conjugal visitation rooms at prisons.

“But every convict has the right to take leave to see family members, and they can also use that time to have sex with their spouse,” he said.

Hadi was speaking in response to speculation that Gayus, who is serving a 12-year sentence, was allowed to have sex with his wife while in custody.

Milana Anggraeni, Gayus’s wife, is reportedly pregnant with twins. It is unclear how far into her pregnancy she is.

Hadi said that in order to qualify for home leave, a prisoner would have to meet several criteria. “Among the requirements, convicts must have served more than half their sentence, exhibited good behavior and must have a guarantee from their family that they will not flee,” he said.

Under those terms, Gayus would not qualify for home leave, having only been in detention since late last year.

However, Hadi was adamant that the prisoner could not have impregnated his wife without leaving prison.

“There is no such thing as a conjugal visit room to have sex in prison,” he said. “If there’s anyone who claims otherwise, we will investigate.”

Gayus, a former mid-ranking tax official who was found to have amassed more than Rp 100 billion ($11.7 million) in cash and gold bars, made headlines last year when it was revealed that he had bribed his way out of detention scores of times while supposedly in remand pending his corruption trial.

Local media reports suggest he may have impregnated his wife during one of these jaunts, but this has not been confirmed.

Hotma Sitompul, Gayus’s lawyer, told the Jakarta Globe that he was unaware of the impregnation scandal.

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