ONE-Year Jail Asked for Suharto Relative

The Jakarta Globe

ONE-Year Jail Asked for Suharto Relative

Prosecutors on Monday sought a one-year jail sentence and a token fine for the great-granddaughter of former President Suharto, Putri Aryanti Haryowibowo, who is currently standing trial for drug use.

Trimo, a prosecutor who is trying the case, told the South Jakarta District Court that Putri, 22, should be found guilty and jailed based on the conclusive evidence, including the results of a urine test taken shortly after her arrest on March 19, which showed up positive for methamphetamine and ecstasy.

“The level of meth in her urine was the same as you’d see in an addict,” he said.

“Therefore, we recommend to the court that she be imprisoned for a maximum of one year, minus the time already spent in jail, and fined Rp 2,000 [20 cents] for court costs.”

Putri could have faced up to 12 years in prison and a Rp 8 billion fine under the country’s narcotics laws, but Trimo said there were several mitigating circumstances in Putri’s favor, including the fact that she confessed to using the drugs, that this was her first criminal offense and that she was still young and had exhibited good behavior throughout the trial.

However, Putri, who is the granddaughter of Suharto’s first son, Sigit Harjojudanto, recanted her admission two weeks ago, claiming she had signed the confession under duress after 24 hours of questioning by police.

Putri’s lawyer, Sandy Arifin, asked the court on Monday for time for his client to prepare a closing statement. Sandy said he would request rehabilitation for Putri rather than jail.

Four other suspects, including Eddi Setiono, a mid-ranking police officer, are awaiting trial after being arrested along with Putri at a South Jakarta hotel. Police seized a total of 32.4 grams of meth from the scene.

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