Indonesian Celebrities Unite for Rape Victim Aged Just 8 Months

The Jakarta Globe

The National Commission for Child Protection is “thrilled” at the success of a celebrity event that raised more than $23,000 for an eight-month-old baby girl who was kidnapped, raped and left to die.

Seto Mulyadi, chairman of the commission, also known as Komnas Anak, applauded the efforts of the public who came together for an event featuring a number of Indonesian celebrities in Jakarta on Sunday night and raised Rp 200 million ($23,200) for the victim and her family.

“[Komnas Anak] is thrilled that there are a lot of people who care about the baby,” Seto told the Jakarta Globe on Thursday. “The government should not look the other way, especially the municipal government of South Sulawesi. They should make sure that the baby is well taken care of, both her future and her health.”

The eight-month old was found bleeding from injuries consistent with a sexual attack and abandoned in a boat floating in waters off Bantaeng, South Sulawesi, on May 27.

It was subsequently discovered that the baby had been kidnapped earlier that morning. The girl’s father, a poor fisherman, 24, and mother, 17, had reported the case to police.

It is understood there may be other, similar cases in the area.

Musician Fla Priscilla, who initiated the fund-raising auction and concert in the Cilandak Town Square, South Jakarta, said after hearing media reports about the attack, he confirmed details with activists and traveled to Bantaeng, a fishing village about four-hours’ drive from Makassar.

“As a mother, I only wanted to hug the baby’s mother,” Fla told the Globe. “I know how she feels because I also have a daughter and I wanted to support her family by holding the fundraiser.”

A number of Indonesian celebrities were in attendance at the event, including award-winning actress Dian Sastro, musician Melly Goeslaw and rockers Slank.

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