Four Contest Winners Winging It to Old Trafford

The Jakarta Globe

Ever dreamed of watching Alex Ferguson give the hair-dryer treatment to Wayne Rooney or Rio Ferdinand in person?

That dream is becoming a reality, at least for four Indonesians set to travel to England to watch Manchester United play Blackpool on May 22 at Old Trafford.

Stefanus Nino Wahyu Saptoadi, Anom Prasetyo, Maria Priscillia and Gurkiren Singh were announced on Thursday as the winners of a quiz sponsored by Turkish Airlines and carried in the Jakarta Globe. The winners will be flown by Turkish Airlines to watch the match.

They were chosen at random from the pool of contestants who correctly answered three trivia questions about Manchester United football.

“I thought this was some sort of a con when I received a call from the Globe informing me that I won the quiz. But when I checked and saw that this was the real deal, I was so happy,” Stefanus Nino said.

“Actually, I don’t even remember when I took the quiz. I had completely forgotten about it,” he added.

Maria, 19, who said that she loved everything about the Red Devils, was ecstatic at the chance to see the team in action at its home stadium.

“I have been an MU freak for so many years,” she said.

“I am so excited to see MU live in the UK.

“I have been in touch with the other winners and I hope we’ll have a good time together there. It’s a dream to get a free ticket to watch MU live.”

Gurkiren said he only took the quiz for fun, and was surprised to learn that he had in fact won a free trip.

“I monitor the news, including the Jakarta Globe,” Gurkiren said. “When I saw that quiz, I tried my luck. I did not believe that I could win.”

Anom, a Surabaya resident, said words failed him. “I cannot express what I am feeling right now,” he said.

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