Jupe Faces 2 Years, 8 Months Jail for On-Set Cat Fight

The Jakarta Globe

Controversial Indonesian celebrity Julia Perez is facing a maximum of two years and eight months in jail for allegedly assaulting a fellow controversial actress, Dewi Perssik.

The trial opened on Tuesday for the case, which stems from an incident that took place last November on the set of “Arwah Goyang Kerawang” (“Dancing Ghost of Karawang”), a horror film in which the two co-starred.

The celebrities, both of whom began as dangdut singers, reportedly slapped and scratched each other while grappling on the floor of the Hotel Mega Matra in Matraman, East Jakarta, where the filming was taking place.

Prosecutors told the East Jakarta District Court that Julia, whose real name is Yuli Rahmawati, violated Article 351 of the Criminal Code on assault.

Based on the police report filed by Dewi, prosecutor Hutamrin said the incident took place during the filming of a scene that was supposed to show the two women acting out a cat fight.

“The two were supposed to be slapping and scratching each other according to the script, however even after the scene they couldn’t be separated,” he said.

“They were crawling on the floor, tearing out each other’s clothes and their underwear were exposed.

“It became a free show for people in the set,” he continued.

Julia, who appeared in court in a formal outfit along with six lawyers, said she was a bit nervous.

“I was surprised that I had to sit alone in front of the judge during the hearing, but it was fine,” she said.

Though she hasn’t been detained since the police report was filed, presiding Judge Jesayas said her camp still needed to send a request for a suspension of detention to keep her out of jail.

“We will send the formal request,” her lawyer, Henry Yosodiningrat, said.

“We will guarantee that the defendant will always attend the hearings, that she will not escape and that she will not remove evidence.”

The film was eventually released early this year and even promoted that it contained genuine scenes of violence featuring Dewi and Julia brawling on set.

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