Jail Demand for Ahmadi Accused in Knife Attack

The Jakarta Globe

Bogor. Prosecutors on Monday demanded a nine-month jail term for defendant Ahmad Nuryamin, an Ahmadi accused of wounding a 15-year-old boy last October.

Nuryamin in previous trial hearings told the Cibinong District Court that he had panicked and accidentally stabbed Rendy Apriansyah.

Rendy was believed to have been part of a mob of some 200 people who on Oct. 1 burned and looted homes, schools and a mosque in Cisalada village, home to about 600 followers of the Ahmadiyah.

Prosecutor Nuraeni Aco told the district court that Nuryami was guilty of violating the 2002 Child Protection Law. “We believe that our sentence demand is appropriate. The mitigating factors include the fact that Nuryamin has never been convicted of any crime and he admitted to this crime,” Nuraeni told the hearing presided by Judge Eddy Wisono.

Nuraeni added that the defendant needed to pay Rp 60 million in fines or spend a further three months in jail.

The 35-year-old Nuryamin had previously argued that as a farmer, he carried a knife every day and that the victim had bumped into him in the confusion and darkness during the attack by a mob of mainstream Muslims on Cisalada. He said his knife had still been in its sheath at the time of the alleged attack. The trial was adjourned till Mar. 21.

The sentence demand comes a day after the Jamaah Ahmadiyah Indonesia, or JAI, accused police and military officers in West Java of coercing Ahmadiyah members to renounce their faith, through intimidation and bribery.

Safwan Adnan, head of the West Java branch of the JAI, had said that on Friday, 40 police and military officers from Bandung, accompanied by members of the West Java branch of the Indonesian Council of Ulema (MUI), arrived at Ahmadiyah’s Mubarak Mosque in Bandung.

“They said they wanted to lead the Friday prayers,” Safwan said.

“They were showing off, trying to prove that they had managed to convert followers of Ahmadiyah,” he added.

The Ahmadis had rebuked the group.

On Monday, human rights organizations, including the Human Rights Working Group and the Legal Aid Foundation, called on President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono’s administration to investigate whether the Indonesian Military (TNI) were forcing Ahmadis to convert into Islam.

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