Interns Return From Japan With Optimism and Cash

The Jakarta Globe

A group of 104 Indonesians returned from an internship in Japan with money in their pockets and invaluable knowledge on Thursday night after finishing a three-year internship program.

Bagus Marijanto, the director of internship training in the ministry of manpower, said on Friday that the program which covered the electronics, engineering, manufacturing and building sectors, served to help decrease poverty in Indonesia.

“Since 1993, we have worked together with Japan’s International Manpower Development of Medium and Small Enterprises [IMM],” Bagus said. “We have successfully sent 30.856 people to Japan and 25,584 have returned to Indonesia. Currently there are still 5,272 interns in Japan,” he added.

The next stage in the process, he said, was that the ministry will help them find jobs.

“After they return, we provide them with a certificate from Japan International Training Cooperation Organization [JITCO] and IMM. They will also get a small business capital to start,” Bagus said.

“For those who still want to work, we will help them find a job with Japanese companies and arrange job interviews.”

Mohammad Fahri Sofyan, a former intern from Klaten, Central Java said he was pleased with this program.

“I graduated from science class at a public senior high school. Then I took a course at a training center, but it is difficult to find a decent job in Indonesia, so I decided to join this program.” Fahri said.

Fahri, who earned 80,000 Yen ($970) per month in the first year and then 135,000 yen per month after that, said he will put the money in the bank and look for job in indonesia.

“I hope I can get a job and save the money for my future.”

Another intern from Central Java, Anton Eko Hardiyanto, also praised the program.

“I will say that besides earning money, I have also learned a lot of knowledge from Japan and its people,” he said.

“Now that I’m back, I want to use my knowledge to help develop the country by sharing with other people who are willing to learn and work,” Anton said, adding that he plans to build a small business with the money he earned.

The program is held annually by the ministry of manpower. Anyone with senior high school or vocational school certificate is welcome to apply. For further information on the program, go to

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