Ubud: Heaven on Earth

The Bud Magazine
Ubud: Heaven on Earth

Elisabeth Oktofani

As I walked through the verdant environment near the Balinese art center and then entered between the huge wrought iron gates of The Mansion, a luxurious estate in Sayan, Ubud. I was in search of a two in one experience. It is called Heaven and Earth Spa.

With his hospitality, Gary Nemmers, the manager of Heaven and Earth Spa, welcomed me to an expansive and stunning Balinese wantilan estate to have a special treatment on the morning of Wednesday, 17th of June 2009. He offered me a choice of select essential oils for the “rejuvenation treatment”. I chose the spa’s own brand of sandalwood oil, which has special qualities that helps in strengthening and conditioning the skins, in addition to stimulating and shooting the ol factory senses.

As I entered the double treatment spa room, Sundanese melodies were playing, it gave a unique and relaxing atmosphere to an other wise natural Balinese setting, where heaven can be found on earth. So, without any hustle or bustle, I gave my feet a rest and the therapist gave me a peppermint footbath to wash away my worries. It was a pleasant start to my rejuvenation treatment.

After she dried my feet, I was led to an elegant room frame with rattan walls, crisp white curtains with an adjoining stone floor bath room, to have a 60 minutes deep tissue lomi-lomi massage. Lomi-lomi massage is a unique traditional Hawaiian massage. It provides an experience that realigns a deeper layer of muscle and soft connective body tissue. It is an excellent therapy for treating stiff and sore muscles, that’s why the rejuvenation treatment has become a favorite at Heaven and Earth Spa.

Subsequent to finishing the sixty minutes treatment, I was taken to the Tea Garden to have a ceremonial tea with their own secret blend as the end of the treatment.

“Once our guest finished the treatment, we don’t want to say “Ok! Madam, Sir. Thank you very much for coming! Bye…Bye Bye”” Gary said.

“That’s not what we want! What we want is we want to keep our relationship with our guests. However, we don’t know when we are going to meet again. But at least we want to give a different impression to them with this tea ceremony because we have a chance to have a conversation.” Explained Gary.

While I had a lovely sixty minutes rejuvenation treatment, Heaven and Earth Spa also offers a variety of reflexology, acupuncture, yoga and meditation services. But when I come back I am going to have one of their tempting body scrub, and once again I think I will find heaven on earth.

The Bud Magazine, volume 1, July-September 2009

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